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Los Cielitos, as the name suggests "The Skies", is located near the top of Cerro Mogoton, close to the highest point in Nicaragua, at an altitude of up to 1.700 metres. Doña Johanna and her two sons have managed the farm since 2014 and made a lot of renovations including the addition of planting new varieties - catuai, caturra, and maractaurra - to replace old catimor trees. Coffee is grown under the shade of guava, various fruit trees, and pine trees. 

Cup Score: 86

Producer   |      Dona Johanna

Process     |      Honey

Variety       |      Red Catuai

Location     |      San Fernando, Nueva Segovia

Notes         |      Fig, Peach, mango 

 Recommended:  V60 | Aeropress | Moka pot.