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This farm is planted only with Pacamara and has been under Sigfredo for 10 years.  The coffee is selectively harvested and the separated cherry is then drained into henequen bags before being sealed in a barrel for 90 hours. The barrel is then buried underground under shade to keep it cool and rests for 200 hours. The coffee is then moved to raised beds and is turned every hour for the first three days to ensure even drying. During the night the coffee is gathered into the centre of the bed and covered with henequen which is protective from rain and humidity while providing ventilation to the coffee. It is at this stage that many of the unique flavors develop.

Cup Score: 87

Producer | Sigfredo Corado

Process   | Anaerobic 200 hrs buried underground

Varietal    | Pacamara

Location  | Ahuachapán, El Salvador

Notes      | Fudge, green mango, dark chocolate

Recommended: Chemex | V60 | Aeropress


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Vatro Popovic
Wonderful Coffee!

Very smooth and well balanced coffee, Appropriate to be drunk any time of the day! Very enjoyable.
Great help and advice from the team at Batch 26! Will be back for more of this great coffee!!!