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Siempre Verde is owned by Victoria and Ramiro Granda, the farm is hidden between steep mountains only a couple miles north of the equator, located in a dry microclimate. The Granda family has been growing export-grade flowers for decades, it is only in recent years that Ramiro and Vicky have been producing coffee. Nonetheless, their expertise in agronomy helps them produce outstanding coffees. This is a traditionally washed coffee, where the freshly picked cherries are selected in flotation tanks to take out the unripe ones, then the coffee is pulped and left to ferment overnight. The day after pulping the coffee is washed and placed on African beds inside 'marquesinas' or polytunnels where it dries slowly until the humidity reaches 12%. A final stage of stabilisation of 6 to 8 weeks is done by putting the parchment coffee inside GrainPro bags and leaving it in a storage room where temperature and humidity are stable.

Cup Score: 86.75

Producer | Siempre Verde (Processing station)

Process   | Fully washed

Varietal    | Caturra/Typica Mejorado

Location  | Pichincha

Notes      | Orange, stone fruits, Almonds

Recommended: Chemex | V60 | Aeropress


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Vatro Popovic
Wonderful Coffee!

Very smooth and well balanced coffee, Appropriate to be drunk any time of the day! Very enjoyable.
Great help and advice from the team at Batch 26! Will be back for more of this great coffee!!!