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Carlos Alfredo is a second-generation coffee farmer from the Corquin area of Copan. On his farm, El Supte, he grows a selection of varietals including parainema which was used for this microlot. After the coffee is delivered to the mill it is assessed to see which processing methods will bring out the best flavours. First, the cherries are cleaned and washed before being floated. This specific microlot was then chosen to go through carbonic maceration in sealed barrels for 72 hours before going through a washed process. 


Cup score: 88


Producer    |    Carlos Alfredo

Process      |    72hr Macerated washed

Varietals     |     Parainema

Location     |    Corquin, Copan, Honduras

Notes         |    Strawberry, Panna cotta


Recommended: V60 | Chemex | Aeropress