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This Washed naturally processed Sugarcane decaf from the El Carmen Association in Pitaltio is incredibly clean and complex with notes of cherry, orange, and baker’s chocolate. Sugar cane decaffeination is often termed a natural process of decaf. Ethyl Acetate is an organically existing compound (C4H8O2) and by-product found most commonly in the fermentation of fruits and is present in both ripe bananas and beer. The overall sugar cane decaffeination process preserves the flavour profile in the coffee whilst introducing a new level of character. The result is a clean cup profile with a jammy acidity that works well as espresso, in milk, and in filter brew methods.

Cup Score: 84

Producer      |       Red El Carmen

Region         |       Pitalito, Huila

Process       |       Sugarcane 

Variety         |      Caturra, Castillo

Notes          |       Cherry, Orange, Chocolate 



Recommended: Espresso | Chemex | V60